All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Since 2011, we have built a business relationship with a community called Franco Bidó in the Central Mountain Range of the Dominican Republic. In June 2015, our first shipment of coffee was roasted and delivered to customers nationwide.


Our Mission

We believe that high quality coffee can be a force for socioeconomic change for small-scale family coffee farmers that each year find it a little bit harder to survive and thrive. Our direct trade model encourages dignified wages, spurs the local economy, and helps farmers earn more income while customers enjoy a high quality, single origin coffee roasted to order.

What We've Achieved

  • Organized a cooperative of 15 small-scale family coffee farmers

  • Helped improve the quality of coffee production to some of highest quality coffee coming out of the Dominican Republic

  • Helped change the economics of coffee farming in a small rural, mountainous community

  • Helped build economic resilience through encouraging the diversification of the crops grown in the coffee plots.

  • Encouraged a reduction of usage of inorganic fertilizers and environmentally damaging herbicides.