Here's just a few of our 15 small scale family coffee farmers!



The matriarch of the community, Felicia or “Fella” has served the community of Franco Bidó in the role of medical coordinator, educational mentor, and spiritual advisor for decades. Her deep knowledge of agriculture, especially its challenges and injustices, makes Fella an excellent leader. Fella has been integral in the formation of Better World Beans since its inception, often taking trips to the capital to help us navigate the difficulties of exporting coffee. She has hosted many, many guests of all nationalities in her home over the years. One of the most memorable experiences of meeting Fella is often the first encounter when she gives you one of her world-famous hugs. Fella dreams of the day when the harshness of rural life can be eased by fair wages and a productive economy. With your purchase, we are working to make her dream a reality.




Joselito and his wife Martina are the proud owners of a 10 acre plot in town full of coffee, bananas, plantains, and complete with a flock of chickens and a donkey. Joselito, a true example of someone that serves the community, is often the go to guy to fix anything that breaks whether that is the water line where the community receives it water, a broken door, or an old dilapidated kitchen. Joselito is always there working for the betterment of the community. You can hardly find him without a smile on his face but don’t get in his way on the dance floor during a community party because Joselito loves to dance!




Cristian is a hard-working coffee farmer that has been a part of Better World Beans since Day #1. Cristian is the proud owner of a 1987 Toyota truck that Better World Beans helped pay to fix so that coffee can be transported directly from the community to the port for peak freshness and efficiency. A father of two young kids ages 12 and 15, Cristian realizes the importance of earning a fair wage so that his children can have opportunities to advance their own lives. When the community gathers for special events and the local merengue band performs, Cristian always manages to find a way to play a couple of songs on a Dominican percussion instrument called the Güira. Your purchase ensures that farmers like Cristian and their families earn a just wage and promote our three key pillars of Stewardship, Quality, and Relationship.



One of our most animated and inspiring farmers is Mario. His smile and warm heart make others feel so welcomed by him. Even though Mario started with little means, he has gradually worked toward purchasing more land for growing coffee. A natural leader, Mario is active in community meetings, and he helps educate other farmers with his extensive knowledge of agriculture. Sometimes it is hard to locate Mario. Due to his ingrained hard work ethic, he leaves his home before the sun rises and is often found riding his beloved horse back from the fields long after the sun goes down. Your purchase invests in small scale family coffee farmers like Mario, and you help give them opportunities to improve their lives.



One of youngest coffee farmers in the cooperative, Julia has two young children and farms a humble 5 acres of coffee. Julia has adopted some sustainable coffee techniques by planting some avocado trees in with her coffee plants.



José is one of 15 farmers in the coffee cooperative. Known as “Papa José,” he always has a smile on his face and wears a baseball cap. Health issues have limited his work in the fields, but they have not stymied his commitment to the cooperative. Additional funds from his coffee beans will help with medical costs and improvements to his coffee fields and aging orange house. Truly a person that works for the betterment of everybody, José and his wife Celina have taken in abandoned children over the years raising them as one of their own. A man with a warm and comforting presence, José has a nurturing personality who has dreams of a community full of strong, productive family farmers.



The mayor of the town, Constantino has natural leadership qualities that make him an excellent addition to the farmer group. Him and his growing family farm nearly 25 acres of coffee along with bananas and plantains.



Antonio and his large family farm around 20 acres of coffee and have always been one of the farming families most involved with keeping animals whether that be chickens, hogs, rabbits, and guinea fowl. Antonio is the deacon at the local church and has always been very involved with community development projects around education and health.